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buenos aires tango - lidia ferrari
buenos aires tango - lidia ferrari

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Lidia Ferrari

They said about Lidia Ferrari's Tango classes    -  Comentarios sobre nuestras clases de los alumnos   -  Hanno detto della lezioni di Tango di Lidia Ferrari:

·Tango lessons with Lidia Ferrari were a truly delightful experience. Lidia has every quality that defines a good and effective teacher: knowledge, patience, clarity, skill and passionate enthusiasm. She is also a delightful individual in her own right. I recommend her studio to dancers at all stages, from absolute beginner to experienced dancers who want to polish their tango skills."
  » Jane Yardley, London, England.
·"I had a good grounding in ballroom dancing but had never danced tango. With Lidia's excellent teaching technique I was able to adapt quickly and master the basics with no stress - and a lot of fun."
  » Betty Yardley, Norfolk, England.
·During a recent visit to Buenos Aires, my wife and I too instruction from Lidia and were exceptionally pleased with the results. We helped us to resolve an on-going problem and then ensured that the correction became instinctive.  We enjoy her practical approach and highly recommend her instruction to others! (september 2005)

» Bill & Bonnie Burns
Fresno, California USA
·In the group classes that I took with Lidia Ferrari, she was always very attentive to the needs of students, giving each of us different tips based on what we needed to improve. She made sure that everyone worked on the fundamentals of good tango--balance, posture, walk, and musicality--while also enjoying the dance. During private lessons, she gave carefully considered individual instruction that helped me improve my ability to improvise, connect with my dance partners, and express the music in creative ways. Lidia is an excellent teacher of social tango as it is danced in Buenos Aires.


» Derrick del Pilar (Student of Arizona University). Tucson, Arizona, USA
·Nas aulas grupais que eu tinha com Lidia Ferrari, e la sempre dava muita atenção às necesidades dos alunos, e dava para cada um da gente conselhos diferentes, baseados nas coisa que tinhamos que melhorar. Asegurava que todos trabalhassemos o fundamental de um bom tango--balanço, postura, caminhata, e musicalidade--enquanto curtiamos da dança.
Durante as aulas particulares, me dava instrução individual com muito esmero. Me ajudava muito em melhorar minhas habilidades de improvisação, conexão com a mulher no abraço, e expressão da música. Lidia é uma professora ótimo para aprender o tango social de Buenos Aires.


» Derrick del Pilar (Student of Arizona University). Tucson, Arizona, USA
·I recently went to Buenos Aires on vacation and to learn tango.  I researched dance instructors online prior to getting there and sent out a dozen e-mails inquiring about prices and availability.  I picked Lidia because I liked her intuitiveness in her reply to my e-mail and her price was extremely reasonable.  My two travel companions and I were very happy with my choice.  She really took the time to teach us the proper form and balance which is a great foundation to start with (there are lots of people on the dance floor looking sloppy).  She catered the classes to meet our needs and ability.  She was also flexible with the schedule.  We took classes every day and really enjoyed the experience.  It was definitely one of the big highlights of the trip.  By the end of our 10-day stay, we were feeling pretty good about our dancing.  Not only is Lidia a good teacher, but she is a delightful person who we really enjoyed meeting and spending time with.  Her assistants are also great and she made sure we always had someone to dance with in class.  I highly recommend her.

» Sonia Alvarado (26-12-2006)
Los Angeles, California

I feel so lucky to have found Lidia as a tango teacher while visiting Buenos Aires. She has such a clear way of explaining and showing what is truly important. No matter what your level, you can benefit from her precise technique. To this day, whenever I dance, before I approach my partner I remember the two little secrets she gave me. Everything else just flows from that.

» Jeanne-Marie Osterman, New York City (2008)

Lidia: I was really lucky to find you on the net before I came to Buenos Aires. You answered all my queries in detail. You are a very good and sincere teacher and human being. I progressed really fast in my tango because you stressed so much on the fundamentals of posture, axis and distance. And of course practice. Also you took trouble to arrange a partner to dance with me in your class! I hope to return soon and learn more with you. Your classes were fun as well.
» Divya from Bombay, India. (2008)

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Buenos Aires Tango
buenos aires tango - lidia ferrari buenos aires tango - lidia ferrari

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