Intensive tango classes
buenos aires tango - lidia ferrari
buenos aires tango - lidia ferrari

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» Intensive tango classes

After twenty years' teaching experience, I can say that  an intensive course has proven to be the best way either to improve your skills or to quickly acquire the basics. Lidia Ferrari.

The courses are tailored to the needs of tango-learners of any level - beginners, intermediate, and advanced.

· Beginners' courses:

· A good teaching is the shortest way to learn Tango. We assure you will get the best ground elements to acquire and develop your own style.

· Intermediate and advanced levels:

  • The aim is to help each  dancer express his/her own personality in dancing. After an introductory analysis, we focus on making his/her style neat while helping the dancer to get over difficulties and  improve  his/her abilities.
  • A lot of tango dancers wish to improve their posture, walking style, figures, that is to say, they wish to get their own style. A lot of people have learnt steps and figures but they cannot lead or follow properly that are  essentials to good dancing.
  • The steps and figures are not the soul of tango. Rather, I would say that the very heart of tango dancing is the style, posture, music interpretation, walking style, the relationship between dancing partners.
  • The plan of the course is developed on the needs of each learner.

· We especially encourage students to take the intensive course because

    • Information is concentrated and develops in forms of growing complexities.
    • Concentration speeds up learning and makes it intense.
    • You revise mistakes and develop abilities all the time.
    · We can arrange  intensive courses according to your needs (from 1 day to 15 of duration), with daily classes of 1 to 5 hours.

    » Contact:
    Email: batangoinfo@gmail.com
    Phone in Italia: 0039 0422 430405

    » General Plan of Working by Lidia Ferrari

    Two important premises:

    - At beginning  and intermediate levels, we focus on the main elements of the structure of Tango in order to allow the dancer to develop any style  (milonguero, nuevo, de salón, danza, etc).
    - Being Tango  a dance for two, we mostly work on the dynamic of the movements of the couple (also when the class is individual)

    Teaching method

    a. the dancer's difficulties are observed to work on them.
    b. Exercises to help the body to adapt to the different movements, postures and figures to understand the dynamics of the dancing couple.

    We focus on the basic aspects of tango:

    - the dynamics of the dancing couple: leading and following;
    - Posture, balance and embrace of the couple.
    - Dislocation, projection and resistance. Axis and balance. Balance of the axes in the different styles.
    - Interpreting the music. The different orchestras.
    - The dancer's sensibility in dancing.

    For further readings about my way of interpreting Tango, please visit the following web


buenos aires tango - lidia ferrari buenos aires tango - lidia ferrari

» Contact:
Email: batangoinfo@gmail.com
Phone in Italia: 0039 0422 430405

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