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buenos aires tango - lidia ferrari
buenos aires tango - lidia ferrari

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Lidia Ferrari started dancing Tango in 1989 following classes of renowned Argentine masters such as Gustavo Naveria, Celia Blanco, Jorge Firpo, Omar Vega, Pepito Avellaneda, Teté among others. She is also a psycho-analyst, teacher and ex-researcher at the University of Buenos Aires. She has devoted much time both to the investigation of Tango history and its teaching methods. She has been teaching tango since 1993 and in her studio she has formed hundreds of tango learners from all over the world. She has taught Tango in different places in Argentina, Uruguay, France, Italy, Spain and the United States. She
was appointed Tango teacher by the Municipality of Buenos Aires between 1998 and 2000; was Visiting Proffesor for the Department of World Arts and Cultures (UCLA) at the University of California (Los Angeles) in 2001 to teach and lecture on tango and for some experimental workshop.
 She has contributed with various articles which have been published in  Argentina and abroad as well – some of them can be read in http://www.buenosairestango.com/docum/homdoc1.html
Her paper "El lugar de las mujeres en el tango" (The place of women in tango") was submitted at the III World Tango Summit in Uruguay in 1996. She was also invited as official panel member to the discussion
panel "The different images of women as pictured in tango lyrics". This paper was translated into English, German, Dutch, Swedish, French and Italian.
December 1996: As Director of the Cultural Area of the first Trade Exhibition of tango music, Tango-Mundo, in 1996 at the Municipal  Exhibition Center. She was co-director and co-organizer of the "Encuentros de Tango Cultura" (Gatherings of Culture and Tango) .
She published the articles:  "Tango-mania in 1913 and in 1997, Paris and Buenos Aires" , in 1997. "The problem of tango authenticity. Comment on the Theoretical and Practical Approach to learn to dance tango, by Nicanor Lima, 1916" . "Transformations in "ways of dancing " in 1998. "Il ruolo della donna nel tango" and "Elogio alla milonga" in "Il Tango. Sentimento e Filosofia di Vita", Milano, Italia, 2000.
"Tango, un dialogo fra due sensibilitá";  "L´Uomo conduce ma  la donna non é una marionetta"; and
 "I due tanghi: un duello fra Stili", in Tangologia II, in 2005. ""Tango, un dialogo fra due sensibilitá", and "La miglior ballerina di tutti i tempi" in Tangologia III , 2007.
She was a reseracher and copywright owner of  "Los Orígenes del tango", by Ars Media SNC (Torino)    published  in 2002. She has been a lecturer and show performer about  "Diferentes estilos de tango"  at  University of Belgrano, Buenos Aires,  Hospital Esteves, Temperley-BA, Hospital
Ameghino, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, among others.  In 2000 she was the teacher of  "Seminario Intensivo de Tango" in Southern France, Fabrezan. Since 2004 she has regularly taught in Italian cities.

In 2008, she performed, along with Guido Schiabel, in the Tango Opera Maria de Buenos Aires by Astor Piazzolla and Horacio Ferrer, in Vicenza and Vittorio Veneto, Italy. She has been a Tango teacher since 2004 in Treviso (Venice, Italy) where she runs her studio and resides.

Email: batangoinfo@gmail.com
Phone in Italia: 0039 0422 430405

Buenos Aires Tango
buenos aires tango - lidia ferrari buenos aires tango - lidia ferrari

» Contact:
Email: batangoinfo@gmail.com
Phone in Italia: 0039 0422 430405

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